Postmastectomy & Scarring Tattoo Course

Postmastectomy & Scarring Tattoo Course

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Postmastectomy & Scarring Tattoo Course

This is 15 years of tattooing, learning, and customizing imagery based on client needs and listening to how they see themselves. David is published in the medical journal JAMA, has been covered all over the news, speaks internationally on this subject, and has tattooed over 250 mastectomy tattoos.

David has run this curriculum as a workshop in Chicago, participants paid $2500 to sit for two days and soak all of this in. But now's the time to make the course available online for as many people as possible... to be watched, read, and listened to within their own time frame. 

He gets into skin healing, scarring, tattoo techniques with a 3 liner, some photoshop tips and there’s a tattoo walkthrough where he's recorded commentary to share insight. You'll also learn more about how the body heals and what that means for tattooing. And you'll have access to conversations about mastectomies and types of reconstructions.

It's thorough and loaded with thoughts (7 videos, 3 audio files, 8 pdfs, etc.)

Although some of the content is specific to postmastectomy information, the majority of the material is just as relatable for standard tattooing.

Once purchased, you'll be emailed a PDF with the URL and password. The course will be tweaked and updated and you'll be able to connect to David and this community via the Slack channel as well.


Consultation Video
Conversation between tattooer and client. Watch the video and hear what she's looking for from the process.

Tattooing Video
Watch me tattoo the final design chosen from the consultation video. With commentary.

Mark Making Video
Highlighting the basic marks I'll be making with a 3 round liner (3rl). 

Design Principles

Gestalt design principles - overview and Keynote presentation (PDF) with tattoos based on each principle. 

Stencil Process Video - placement technique on breasts.

Photoshop Tips Videos - Document basics, using a "before" photo as a template to design tattoos, and how to use Photoshop filters for stencils.

Body Landmarks - Two full walkthroughs of positioning stencils and sizing the tattoo to match the body based on landmarks (moles, freckles, scars, etc.).

High resolution tattoo examples - Zoom in to see the scarring and understand how and why the design works (or tricks the eye).

3d model of healed tattoo - another example to get an idea of placement dimensionally

Skin, scarring and breast procedure

Breast Procedure video with Dr. Ellis - recorded from workshop (49 min) with related PDFs of visuals

Breast procedure talk - transcripts from Dr. Kim

Skin Conversation 1 Audio - audio interview/ call with Dr. Rogers on skin. (with transcript)

Skin Conversation 2 Video - video interview on skin, tattooing, scarring, and aftercare with Dr. Rogers

Empathy - Context

Empathy Talk Audio - Audio of David speaking about the importance of empathy with clients.

Grace Documentary Video - a short documentary (16 min) on a tattoo client Grace. Gives powerful context to these tattoos.

Interview with Grace - video zoom recording with Grace. She's able to communicate, without filters, a lot of what she's been through. 

Self Care - Audio interview about Compassion Fatigue and Burnout